Patagonia Park was created in December 2018, becoming the major conservation project between Chile and Argentina, where private and public initiatives are protecting 790,000 acres (320,000 hectares) between the two countries. The area sets the scene for quality eco-adventure activities among steppes, forests, unique rock formations and alpine terrain.

This diversity of habitat provides a critical area rich in fauna such as huemul, puma, guanaco, condor, ñandú, and flamingos among others.

Also a historically important area for both indigenous people and early settlers where important archeological sites reveal the artistic legacy  of native cultures  and the pioneering gauchos.


The towns are located on one of the largest lakes in South America, known historically as Chelenco but now referred to as Lago General Carrera in Chile and Lago Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Chile Chico (little Chile) is a small mining and agricultural community with a population of 2,500 inhabitants, just slightly less than Los Antiguos. The area is an oasis in region with its uniquely warm, lake-influenced microclimate which allows small farms to grow fruit and vegetables.

The towns are connected by a paved road of 8 kms. which extends Beyond the towns and provides one of the most attractive routes in Patagonia with spectacular views of the immense and captivating Chelenco Lake.